Sustainability matters 

Sustainability matters 

According to recent research, consumers increasingly consider sustainability before buying goods and products for everyday use.

YouGov has conducted a comprehensive study on more than 10.000 consumers across 9 major European markets: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Download the free whitepaper “Sustainability matters“ to understand how views and attitudes on eco-friendly behavior affect purchase decisions for food and frequently used products across each unique European market.

In addition to determining how sustainability efforts affect willingness to change consumption patterns, dietary habits, and purchase location, the analysis also highlights the stark differences in attitudes toward legislative measures among surveyed markets.

Download the whitepaper for detailed reporting on consumer attitudes and behavior across Europe, as well as:

  • The value of sustainably produced products
  • How much sustainability affects where they shop
  • What responsibility is expected of shop owners
  • Willingness to pay environmental taxes

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The whitepaper combines YouGov Omnibus survey data with insights from our target group segmentation tool YouGov Profiles to provide a more in-depth analysis.

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