YouGov launches panels in 15 new markets

YouGov launches panels in 15 new markets

YouGov has expanded its reach by launching panels in 15 new markets across Europe, South America, the Middle East and North Africa. 

In Europe, YouGov is establishing panels in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia. In South America it is expanding into Argentina and Colombia and in the Middle East and North Africa YouGov is building panels in Lebanon and Morocco. 

It is the biggest simultaneous expansion of YouGov’s panel and presents the company with significant commercial opportunities through its extended reach and allows it to enhance its reputation as the first choice for public opinion data globally. The new panels will mean it is adding to its 11 million+ panellists worldwide, providing clients with data from 59 global markets in total, with a potential for further expansion in the future. 

This strategic expansion enables YouGov to meet the demand from clients to provide detailed insights from more key markets. Data is being collected immediately and will be fed into the YouGov Cube – the company’s vast connected dataset – meaning clients will be able to see consistent, quality, usable data from these new markets beginning in March and April this year. 

YouGov’s CEO and co-founder Stephan Shakespeare says: “Our highly-engaged proprietary panel is one of our greatest strengths as a company and we are excited to expand into these new markets as we continue to invest for growth in line with our strategy. The pandemic has shown that online research is the way forward for clients looking to get a continuous and detailed view on what the public is thinking and doing. We are committed to offering our clients a connected data proposition that provides a continuous stream of consumer insight data globally and these fifteen new panels mean we can better serve clients across the world.” 

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