YouGov international COVID-19 tracker

YouGov international COVID-19 tracker

This dataset was last updated on 1 May

COVID-19 has had a great impact on people’s lives across the globe. To explore how the pandemic is shaping the world, YouGov's international COVID-19 tracker interviews more than 27,000 people across 26 markets every week.

The results on this page are from a larger piece of research looking into the pandemic’s impact on everything from brands to politics – click here to find how this data can help you.

YouGov has also partnered with Imperial College London on a publically available 29-country study that provides behavioural analysis on how different populations are responding to COVID-19. Anonymised respondent level data is also freely available to public health researchers throughout the world from Github.The following tracker results form part of a larger survey series looking at the impact of COVID-19 on everything from brands to politics.

For more information on this research and how COVID-19 might affect your business click here. You can also see the results of further COVID-19 research in the UK, USA, France, Germany and APAC

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